The twelfth party representative election work in Hunan Province has successfully ended a total of 750 representatives

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The twelfth party representative election work in Hunan Province has successfully ended a total of 750 representatives

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People’s Network Wu Weiwei photo Changsha November 22 (Wu Wei) This morning, Hunan held the "New Party Code, Write a New Chapter" press conference, introduced the election work of the 12th party congress in Hunan Province, and Answer the reporter question. "With the consent of the Central Committee, the number of representatives of the 12th Party Congress of Hunan Province total 750.

Chen Wei, deputy director of the Organization Department of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Chen Wei, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee’s non-public economic organization and social organization, said that since September, the twelfth party congress in Hunan Province has advanced in an orderly manner, progressive.

According to the election work arrangement, the province is divided into 18 electoral units in accordance with the province, the Provincial Department of Working Committee, the Provincial Party Committee of the Ministry of Education, the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial State Administration Party Committee, and the People’s Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force. As of November 19, 18 electoral units have all successfully completed the provincial party representative elections. The Hunan Provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to the party representative election, and the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee conducts special research, which makes a clear requirement for the party representative electoral work, ensuring that the selected party representative reflects advanced, representative, and extensive. The provincial party committee issued the "Notice on the Election of the Election Work of the 12th Congress of the Communist Party of China", which clarifies the qualifications, representation of the places and components, and policies and other policies of the election unit. Each electoral unit strictly implements the requirements of the "Six must check" "six joint review" requirements, and the party members of the party representatives, professional identity, realistic performance, reward and punishment, the masses evaluation, and the specific letter of letters and visits. Strict reviews; discipline inspection, political and legal, public security, auditing, letters and visits, and Wei Jian and other departments must issue corresponding audit opinions.

The candidates of financial institutions, enterprises, etc. also have targetedly listened to the opinions of relevant departments such as administrative law enforcement, industry supervision. During the examination of the review, strict implementation of inspectors, field visits, field review requirements, fully listening to grassroots party organizations, party representatives, party members and people’s opinions, ensuring that the representative of the selected representative is the excellent molecule in party members.

At the same time, each election unit conscientiously implements the requirements of the party representative candidates, highlights political standards, pays attention to optimizing the structure, and strictly implement the negative list of "ten do not choose", pay attention to identification identification.

The provincial party committee organizes the recommendation candidates and its production procedures, and urges the election unit to adjust the selection of candidates that do not meet the qualifications, identity requirements, and constitute proportion of the provision; the provincial party representatives, strict accordance with the requirements of the regulations, The opinions of political and legal, auditing, letters and visits, etc. From the perspective of the resident representatives of the elected provincial party, the representative of the election is from the party, economic, scientific technology, national defense, political and legal, education, propaganda, culture, health, sports and other industries, province, city, county, township (street) and All levels, organs, enterprises, institutions, and people’s groups, etc. have representatives, and the distribution is reasonable, and the proportion is compliant with the requirements of the central and provincial committees, reflecting advanced, representative and extensive. At present, some of the provincial party representatives that have been elected are tight around the provincial center of work and the provincial party committee decision-making, tightly in the current economic and social development, and the actual problems of the party members’ general concern, carefully select, in-depth research, and serious research Writing a representative proposal will be proposed to the General Assembly at the twelfth party congress of the province. (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.