Take national food security with technology and talent service

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Take national food security with technology and talent service

The Wuhan University of Light Industry was built in 1951, jointly built by the National Food and Material Reserve and Hubei Provincial People’s Government, and is the first school to train specialized talents in the country. Dong Shijie introduced that Wuhan Light Industry University has 17 colleges, animal science and nutrition engineering, School of Life Sciences, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Selenium Science and Engineering Modern Industry College, all talent training and science Studies are carried out around the grain industry chain.

"The school is rooted in grain, serving the grain, the goal is the high-level university with science and technology, the characteristics of talents, and the characteristics of talents." Dong Shijie said that the school is working hard to play the advantage of food processing, animal nutrition, selenium science and engineering, and efforts Contribute to national food security.

At present, Wuhan Light Industry University is planning the "big food big nutritious health" discipline, the key direction, receiving a new master’s degree, 7 degree of secondary discipline, 9 fields of professional master’s degrees, 1 postdoctoral in Hubei Province, 1, 1, The Master’s Delegation is authorized by the first-level discipline covering the seven universities and a cross discipline. "Central China and even the national food industry has the figure of Wuhan Light Industry alumni, they or become the company’s technical backbone, or become the general manager of the company, the chairman.

Wuhan University of Light Industry provides talent support for the development of the food industry. "Dong Shijie said.