Some expectations for Chinese medicine country

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Some expectations for Chinese medicine country

[] On the occasion of the main melody of the high-quality development of the Chinese Medicine, the "Follow the Law, Inheritance Essence, Guohe Innovation" in the Southern Sea, and the first batch, the second batch, the third batch, after the first batch, the third batch, The fourth batch of national Chinese medicine (clinical, foundation) excellent talents in the National Traditional Chinese Medicine (Clinical, Basis) I boarded an important Chinese medicine academic step, another group of true Chinese medicine practitioners, the seeds of Chinese medicine in the country of the motherland, will will be in the end of the country, and will continue to open, to build a healthy China, the great revival of China, the great revival of the Chinese nation, and construct the human health and health community contribution Wisdom and strength, benefiting the blessings, benefiting the world. The development of traditional Chinese medicine has ushered in the good period of time, but the inheritance of Chinese medicine academic progress is facing both great strategic opportunities and challenges. A generation of people have a generation of people, a generation of people a generation.

To this end, the author will give several expectations for Chinese medicine.

  First of all, the business level should be "refined", that is, it is not complacent, the valley, continues to travel, and "National Medicine Master" "National Medical" and other more important Chinese medicine academic stairs waiting for you to continue climbing, there must be pharmacy in Chinese medicine Theory, learning, geography research and promotion, Chinese medicine clinical methods, prescription drugs, spectacles experience and refining, Chinese medicine consultation law, inheritance and integration of Chinese medicine, the development of traditional Chinese medicine, the development of traditional Chinese medicine, the contribution of the intelligence training Under the aspect, great effort, hard work, truth. Secondly, the spiritual level should be "cultivated", that is, it is necessary to understand the official position, the power, the big wealth, and the four major "outside the body", can’t be the goal of the struggle for her life; and the big virtues, big breasts, university asks, big Talented "The four" things "should be the goal of the struggle for their life. So, to "cultivate the heart", do it, fearless; not fight, not a dazzling.

  Again, I want to "finalize the rosity", that is, pay attention to the two repairs, academics. You are already "national Chinese medicine outstanding talents", we must understand that the hospital is not a store, the doctor is not a businessman! Since I have done a Chinese doctor in this life, I have to adhering to the tradition of "Dafford", for the doctor, for the doctor, and is a teacher.

Zhang Zhongjing, Sun Sizhen is a doctor, "Medical Sheng" "Medicine King" is the title of the post-people who will hunt, so we must carefully learn the medical ethics and medical skills of the predecessor. Before the big rich, only the disciples have become a "national Chinese medicine excellent talent", in order to be a Chinese medicine medicine, the Chinese medicine culture, the theory of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine service is good, real Cangsheng Dafa, finally become a fruit! The national Chinese medicine excellent talent training project belongs to the key project of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration "Huang Huang Engineering", gains the affirmation and praise of "Gold Medical Project"! This item is inseparable from the support of the relevant ministries (especially the Human Resources, the Ministry of Finance, the Health ", and is inseparable from the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration and its Personnel Education Division and the relevant Division. The teacher’s careful presence, precise teaching.

The implementation of this project is marked with the big unity of the Chinese medicine industry, and there is a big cooperation.

  Drinking water, I hope that all the days of achieving greater achievements in the future, keep in mind the strong cultivation of the party and the state, and the teachers’ pouring pouring, and the support of peers.

  (The author is the second batch of national medical masters, professor of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, National Training Class Director of the National Chinese Medicine "National Training Class. Based on the author" Congratulations · Wish · Zhu 颂 – to the fourth batch of Chinese medicine "All Guo Yao" editors have been edited, and the author is authorized to publish.