The EU is really american overbearing (viewing desk)

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The EU is really american overbearing (viewing desk)

  Recently, the EU countries have once again "call" in the public.

At the press conference after the French President Markon after the European Union, the EU should further promote the internationalization of the euro to protect EU companies from the "long arm jurisdiction" applied by the United States through US dollars and American standards. Such a move is not a time.

Over the years, American habits have passed the crisis in the country with the US dollar and financial hegemony, and all countries in the world are deeply harmed. After the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the United States has made great efforts to launch "unimplete" quantitative loose policies, crazy increase currency, abuse of single-sided sanctions and "long arm jurisdiction", and seriously impact US dollar credits, threaten international financial market stability, damaging national economic sovereignty And interests.

In January of this year, the European Commission announced a strategic document aimed at strengthening the construction of the euro and financial system, and is considered by public opinion to refer to the US dollar hegemony and the US unilateral domain sanctions.

  Not only financial fields.

For a while, for the United States self-priority, all kinds of acts, the European Union has been teached many times: from unilateral announcement to the EU products, to force the EU countries to improve the contribution to NATO military expenses; from threatening sanctions Russian European " Beixi-2 "natural gas pipeline project, to the large-scale monk multinational politics; from the public interception to grab the EU countries to resist the EU countries, they will withdraw from WHO in accordance with the EU; from the formation of" The United States and Australia Three Side Safety Partnership ",撺掇 撺掇 撺掇 协 协 法 协 私 利 私 利 利 线…… 线 线……………………

  "There is a friend like the United States, who needs an enemy?" The European Board of the European Council sighed, and a real feeling of the Europeans in a predecessor of the European Council. Not only don’t do two ribs, but they are keen on the back of the knife – the EU has already been "damaged friends" in the United States. The stress, deception, utilization and even betrayal, let the EU have disappointed the American heart, and the EU has to reflect on the relationship between US Ou. In recent years, the EU has gradually increased the sound of "strategic autonomy", especially the strengthening of European defense integration.

France has repeatedly called for the establishment of "European Army", Marklon also discloses that the US-led NATO has fallen into "brain death".

German Prime Minister Merkel also said bluntly warned that if the United States volunteered to give up its role as the world’s big country, the German must "strive to see the future cross-Quality" relationship. " It is true that there is a deep historical and cultural origin and common values ??between US Europe. For a long time, both parties have formed a dependency in politics, economy and security. The EU has certain policy inertia for the United States, which is unlikely to have a complete reversal in a short time.

But from the long run, the crisis of US Europe will inevitably push the EU to the independent orbit.

For the EU, give up the innocent fantasy of the United States, firmly maintain its legal rights, which is already in power.

  Looking back in history, in the 1960s, the sharp changes in the international situation after the war were facing the international situation. Until 1993, the EU was formally established and became an important force in the world’s multi-polarization process.

Multilateralism has always been one of the important principles of the EU.

  At present, the century-old paragraph and the century epidemic, the world enters the turmoil, and the uncertainty of instability has increased significantly. At the same time, the world’s multi-polarization trend has not changed fundamental, and economic globalization shows new toughness, maintaining multilateralism, and strengthening communication and collaboration is more intense. The European Union should abandon narrow geopolitical concepts, go to dialogue, and do not fight, the country with the country to communicate with the country, bring more positive energy for the recovery development of the world.

  A pursuit of independent Europe, should not have to step on the United States, and should not be reduced to the United States to decorate their own facade, and take political private tools.

Today, the EU is necessary to distinguish between right and wrong, make correct choices for their own interests and dignity.

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