The first "Space Hotel" was opened for 2025 to accommodate 400 space tourists.

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The first "Space Hotel" was opened for 2025 to accommodate 400 space tourists.

Original title: The first "Space Hotel" was founded in the British "Daily Mail" in 2025. The first "space hotel" in the world will start to start in the nearland track in 2025, and the hotel will be equipped with a restaurant, cinema , Spa, and hotels that can accommodate 400 people.

Space Hotel is designed by Rail Assembly, in 2027, and the infrastructure section will be built on the rings orbit.

This space hotel is named "Traveler Space Station", which is a larger circular structure that generates artificial gravity that is comparable to the lunar surface by continuous rotation. The future space hotel is very luxurious, you can see many of today’s high-end boots, including theme restaurant, health spa and cinema, which are connected outside the ring from a series of champions, which is similar to the entertainment function on the advanced cruise. However, people can swim in space, surround the Earth every 90 minutes. Some of these champions can be sold to NASA, European Space Agency and other institutions. Although track assembly companies say that the cost of the Spacex "Falcon 9" spacecraft and future Star spacecraft, the cost of constructing a traveler’s space station will be significantly reduced, but the company has not revealed the specific details of the spatial station. The traveler’s space station consists of a series of loop structures, and the outermost ring has many "module champions", 20 meters long and 12 meters wide.

Some modules will be used as astronauts dormitory, air chamber, hydraulic chamber and electricity chamber, etc., while they can also serve as a gym, kitchen, restaurant, bars, and other necessary facilities, for people who are expected to be in space stations. It can also be built into a spa, a cinema, etc. in multiple module cells. Other modules parking or selling rental, selling to private companies and government agencies, which means that someone can purchase a 20-meter-12-meter-sized module cell as space private villa. Government agencies can also use space stations to establish a scientific research cabin as a platform, or as a training base for astronauts to Mars.

Space Rocket Technology Pioness Warner Von Braun has proposed in the 1950s that using a rotating wheel space habitat creates artificial gravity, the concept of traveler’s space stations is similar to this, but larger scale.

People need gravity, so their body will not "crash decomposition".

Spacecraft and other future fully reusable spacecraft will accelerate the speed of travel of the Traveler Space Station, based on these spacecraft, easier to realize regular round-trip flights between the earth and space stations. Winter (Editor: Liu Jia, Continuous Practice) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.