Zhou Enlai’s last signature

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Zhou Enlai’s last signature

  Editor’s note: "Century style" published articles "focus on several" last "" in Zhou Enlai. " In the text, Zhou Enlai is in front of the 4th large-scale surgery after hospitalization, and the last signature on the report of the Solid Significance "report on the Nationalist Party" report. On January 7, 1976, Zhou Enlai said the last sentence in the bride, and extracted as follows. On September 20, 1975, Zhou Enlai had to take the fourth large-scale surgery after hospitalization. Zhou Enlai is clear, it is difficult to predict the results of this surgery. Before entering the operating room, he asked the staff to find his "The Nationalist Party" on the Central Committee of June 1972 "About the Kuomintang rumors" report the so-called "Wuhao Event> Problem" report recording record, with a long Time looks again, then, use the trembled hand to sign the name and indicate the signature environment and time: "In the operating room (before), September 20, 1995." This is the last signature made by Zhou Enlai.

  When entering the operating room, Zhou Enlai has tried to spend a long time in the heart: "I am loyal to the party, be loyal to the people! I am not a surrender!" The Deng Yingchao in the scene will report to Mao Zedong in this situation.

  In the early morning of January 5, 1976, the medical staff did the last surgery for Zhou Enlai who was dying in life.

Subsequently, he received a member of the Beijing Central Political Bureau and the person in charge of the State Council in the hospital. On January 7, Zhou Enlai’s condition continued to deteriorate, and the atmosphere became very weak, and it was in a coma.

Members of the medical group, nursing staff waiting for staying in the ward, ready to rescue.

  At 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, Zhou Enlai woke up from the coma.

He is slightly, and recognizes the doctor who is guarding around him, saying with a weak voice: "I have no things here.

You still go to take care of other comrades, there is more you need you … "This is the last sentence left by Zhou Enlai.

  For the country, we will dedicate the prime minister of a lifetime, and still think of others when they are dying! At 9:57 am on January 8, the great people in China and foreign countries, the Chinese people’s good prime minister Zhou Enlai and the world.