Yunnan Province vigorously cultivates the special new "small giant" enterprise

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Yunnan Province vigorously cultivates the special new "small giant" enterprise

Original title: Our province vigorously cultivated special "small giants" enterprises recently learned from the Provincial Industry and Information Technology, Yunnan Province will accelerate a batch of provincial-level specialty new "small" Giant "business.

Strive to work during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Pei Youpei 100 households left and right national specialty special new "small giants" enterprises, 300 monthly provincial specialty new "small giants" enterprises, 2000 households Special new "growth" enterprise.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Yunnan Province will take the improvement of industrial fundamentals and modernization of industrial chain, and adhere to the combination of cultivation companies and strong industries, adhere to innovation, market lead, up and down linkage and continuous promotion, focus policy benefits Enterprise, service help, environmental activation enterprises, lay-layers "specializing in new" SME groups, classified promotion enterprises to do strong, accelerate the improvement of corporate gradient cultivation system, in order to promote the economic high quality development of Yunnan Province, build The new development pattern provides strong support.

  The provincial-level specialty special new "small giants" enterprises in Yunnan Province have covered multiple fields: "Industrial" four-base "development catalog" listed in the focus of the top ten key industries in accordance with the clear national strategy; Key links and key areas of the industrial chain supply chain and key areas "Fills" products "Fill in the blank" products; focusing on key basic technology and industrialization research around key industrial chains; innovation in the new generation of information technology and entity Products; build world first-class "green energy card, green food brand, health life destination"; new advantages of tobacco, tourism, non-ferrous metal pillar industry; cultivate new generation information technology, high-end equipment, green environmental protection and other strategic emerging Industry; accelerate the development of "digital economy"; other Yunnan provisional advantage industries. For enterprises that meet the provincial specialty new "small giants" cultivation conditions, the province’s industrial and tech department will meet with the financial, scientific and technological, financial supervision and other departments (units), agglomerate policy resources, and form a support for the special spirit. "Small Giant" cultivates each link to effectively configure support for financial, financial, service and feature security. For the new project, technical transformation, research and development capability, improvement, management capacity, etc., and provincial special funds in the project, provincial special funds in terms of projects, provincial special funds. Priority recommends specializing in new "small giants" enterprises to declare national major technical transformation and upgrading, technological innovation, new product development, national SME development funds and energy conservation and emission reduction. (Hu Xiarong) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.