The big foot holds the first poetry conference and the Buddha’s Travel Culture Festival

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The big foot holds the first poetry conference and the Buddha’s Travel Culture Festival

Tourists choose Buddhist products. The organizer is viewed by the People’s Network Chongqing on September 30 (Hu Hong) the beauty of poetry, beauty in the art.

What sparks will be collided with the beauty of the hometown of the stone carving? On the 28th, the first poetry conference of Chongqing Dazhang District and the opening ceremony of the Buddha’s Tourism Culture Festival was held in the district and media center studio.

  According to reports, as one of the 24th holiday characteristics of the "Tianxia Face", the first poetry conference and the Buddhist Tourism Culture Festival have been launched since July this year, the "Buddha’s Handshew Poetry and Past" poem collection "Find the most beautiful Buddhist" photography contest and "the most beautiful recitation" activities, received support from all over the country, there are 16 provinces and cities to participate in poetry works, collect more than 1600 poetry works, photography works 200 There are more than 50 pieces of work, and it is known to enhance the reputation and reputation.

  At present, Jinshan Town, Dazu District, through the creation of poetry and cultural Buddhist ecological experience gardens, diversified by Buddhist’s base, and explores the establishment of company + cooperatives + farmers’ interests, and promoting rural tourism development, constantly strengthens the village collective economy, A beautiful blueprint that drives the surrounding masses to get rich and depicting the village revival. At the opening ceremony, the People’s Government of the Jinshan Town, Chongqing, signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on the Buddhist Industry Alliance in Fo Mengxiang, Gaoping District, Sichuan Province, and the two sides will launch a multi-field cooperation in the Buddhist industry. Thousands of hands "Zen dance and other programs. It is worth mentioning that the "Most Beautiful and Sound", the "most beautiful and voice" Huang Yushan, the "Most Beautiful and Sound", and the theme song "Jinshan Love" also went on the whole network in the whole network on the 28th, and the beautiful and unhealthy melody The lyrics of the connotation will evoke the listeners friends, family, love, love.

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