Writing the times and climbing the peak of literature

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Writing the times and climbing the peak of literature

On November 30, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the opening ceremony of the ninth National Congress of the China Wenlian, the ninth National Congress of the Chinese Work Association, and the majority of literary and art workers should launch more voices in the times, showing people struggle, exciting. The spirit of the national spirit, the excellent works of the high-yield sentiment, and strive to build the peak of the Chinese nation’s great revival era. In the past five years, in the face of the new era, Chinese writers will calm down, in the process of in-depth living, rooting people, constantly writing the spirit of the era, climbing the peak of literature. Strengthening the creation support to launch the fine effort for five years, the Chinese People Association and the members of each group constantly improve the creation support mechanism, focusing on the launch of the fineness. China is organized to organize Chinese contemporary literary creation projects to support key works, support outstanding reality theme literature, revolutionary historical theme literature and excellent children’s literature publishing, conducting a series of major realistic works series, "Times model" report literary creation collection, panoramic style The anti-vlotenis narrative, depletion of the poverty report literary creation, etc., focusing on building an excellent work reflecting the style of the times.

The Tenth Mao Dun Literature Award, the 7th Lu Xun Literature Award, the 12th National Minority Literary Creation Horse Award, Tenth and the 11th National Excellent Children’s Literature Award, etc. Literary works in a wide range of social impacts. The China Society "Defioves the Poverty Report Literary Creation Project" launched more than 20 works, more than 10 contracted abroad. From 2017 to 2021, China ‘s Association supported 410 key topics. The support work of key works has always adhered to the guidedness, strengthens the actual creative creation, and focuses on the description of the new era, the songs, the singer, the singer, the people, the hero of the song, and give a key support for the selection of young writers.

At the same time, the creation of writers in the work is tracking, helping, management and support, supporting a high knot rate and a large social influence.

New progress has been made to support the work of literary creation work. Shaanxi Society held the activities of the predecessors such as Lu Yao, Liu Qing, Du Peng, Chen Zhongshi, and promoted the spirit of the older generation of literature, Shaanxi Army, and promoted the people’s creative guidance to further deep into the heart.

Jiangsu Societ Union continued to improve the consciousness of major theme creations. In the five-year project, he supported 234 literary projects, signing 73 writers, organized the number of key works, series series, etc., and strongly promoted the realistic agencies.

While strengthening the original signing writer system, the Shanghai Sign Association, in 2017, the first signing network writer system, selection of outstanding writers in the "Youth Artists Training Plan", conduct one-on-one to the young writers included in the plan Counseling. Zhejiang Supreme Association "New Tour Plan" continuous innovation model Since the epidemic of the new crown, 106 writers organized 106 writers in Hubei Province into 5 interviews, in-depth anti-vloys, use literature to motivate people, inspire the fight, and coacervate.

Focusing on the reality theme is good for five years, the majority of writers have actively participated in the reality, responded to the era, reward the people, whether it is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, the 40th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, the 40th anniversary of the reform, or the national anti-corona epidemic , Winning the comprehensive well-off and decisive battle to be poverty … In all major historical nodes, Chinese writers have never been absent. At 2020, in order to realize the Chinese people’s anti-vulnion process, reflect the Chinese spirit shown in the anti-v.mma, the China Society organized the anti-vaginus interview with the creative small team to go to the Wuhan anti-vloal interview, and organize the implementation of China’s anti-disease panoramic narrative Writing plan, launching long report literature reflected in China ‘s anti – v.mist. Many work vividly tells the new era of China’s story, but also highlights the Chinese spirit, China ‘s value, and China. Realism has always been mainstream Chinese literature, and also the most characteristic and infectious aesthetic concept and art model of Chinese literature. In the face of the magnificent new era, the realistic subject and the realism writing technique have gradually become a common choice for writers. Whether it is a long novel or a short story, and children’s literature, online literature, etc., a large number of close the era, close to life, Realistic subjects close to the reader and realism. The majority of writers take the arrogance of arrogance and arrogance, patient and sincere realistism, and the ancient literary motifs such as history, reality, humanity, and enthusiasm. A large number of literary works that have a sense of interested in solving the real problem, answer the realistic topics, have a great tradition of retrieving reality literature, on the one hand, in terms of innovation, and deep reflection of the change of the times. Literary creation played the strongest sound of the times. In the five years of the people, the people-centered public influence has always adhered to the people-oriented orientation of the people, organized the "in-depth living, rooting people" and other theme activities, emphasizing to meet the needs of people’s spiritual culture as a literary The starting point and foothold of the literary work, the people as the main body of literary performance, as the appreciation of literary aesthetics, and serve the people as a local duty of literary workers. Chinese writers gradually get out of the book and ivory towers, and learn to learn from the people, learn to live in a colorful real life, accumulating experience, strive to use abundant passion, vivid brush, beautiful melody, touching image Good spiritual food is dedicated to the people.

In the past five years, writers have not only "in" in the people, but also "feel" "love", feel the sorrow and joy of the people, pass the voice of the people, depict the people’s dreams, and truly go in literary creation " Endless distant ", with" countless people ", and ultimately discover the characters and spirit of Chinese character in the people’s public.

In recent years, the rapid development of Internet technology and new media has brought opportunities for the development of Chinese contemporary literature, and it also brings new challenges. The new media form has spawned a large number of new literary types, and also brings a deep change of literary concepts and literary practice, network writers, sign writers, freelance writers, etc. New literary groups are very active.

At the same time, the pure literary newspapers and periodicals have continuously expanded the social influence of literature through new media communication, film and television drama adaptation. In the past five years, many newspapers and magazines in the Chinese Job Association have continuously strengthen Internet thinking, explore new models, build a new platform, introduce new resources, and promote outstanding literary works to the public, and have achieved good social effects.

Many old types of publishing period, innovative ideas, through the establishment of WeChat public account, develop APP, etc., attract young readers in the new media era.

Adhere to literature ideals to promote literary innovation, in addition to the solid professionalism, there must be a strong personality to repair, there is a sense of social responsibility of "iron shoulders".

For five years, the majority of writers have adhered to the ideals of literature, with the attitude of focus, dedicated spirit, practical creation, provide readers with a lot of high quality, high-quality works.

In the face of the big background of the socialist market economy, excellent literary works should be able to succeed in their minds and art, and they can be welcomed in the market, and the readers play a value guidance, spiritual lead, and aesthetic enlightenment. Some pure literary works still have created sales miracles in the era of fragmentation, highlighting the people’s desire for excellent literary works and spiritual cultural products, and put forward new requirements for the creation of Chinese writers.

Innovation is the life of the literary art. For five years, the Chinese Society and the group units encourage writers to continuously explore and innovate in terms of literary creation, and to promote their intensity, theme, form, and means fully develop, promote concepts, content, style, genre. Direct exchanges, emerged in many new works. Some works have both traditional quality and modern awareness of the times, which reflects the vision of the future of the future, and a broad global field of globalization; some work deepen the spirit of literature and explore, reflecting deeply on the value of the value. The family’s feelings, and eventually point to the identity and courtesy of Chinese spirit and Chinese culture. The cultural cause is an important cause of the party and the people, and the literary front is an important front of the party and the people.

For five years, the majority of writers and literary workers have adhered to the creative orientation of the people, and wrote moving chapters for China.

It is exactly what they have discovered beauty, creating a beautiful hard work, and promoting the further prosperity of literary careers, in the literary creation, a solid step by "Plateau" to "peak" roads.