“You go too。”

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Ling Xiaoyun shook his head。The tone calmed down again,Said lightly to Qin Liang。
“Then i’m out……”
Qin Liang said one last word to Ling Xiaoyun,Sigh in my heart,Turned around and walked out of the room with heavy steps,Shut the door easily,Then I looked at everyone around the door,Did not say a word。
“Why did you come out?You are not afraid of him running?”
Yang Shiyun asked stupidly。
Others dare not speak,She can’t help but speak,After all, she is the chief of public security,The responsibility and mission on her shoulders,Heavier than others。
“He can’t run。”
Qin Liang only answered faintly,Stop talking。
No one speaks anymore,The corridor is quiet。
A moment later,A crisp gunshot came from the room where the door was closed……
“Ugh……It’s over,Suspect Ling Xiaoyun……Commit suicide,You can go in。”
Qin Liang whispered,Then walked out in front of everyone blankly。
Yang Shiyun walked a few steps to the door of that office,Reach out and open the door。
in the room,Ling Xiaoyun sat on his back in a chair,The gun in his hand fell to the ground,A blood hole in the temple,Blood is flowing from his face……
Looked at the scene in shock,Yang Shiyun stood silly for a while,Then he turned and left the door,Several detectives walked into the room from her side。
“No wonder Qin Liang did that just now……He knew that Ling Xiaoyun was going to commit suicide……This dead thing,So fierce to me,Humph……”
Yang Shiyun finally figured it out,But I feel awkward,Because Qin Liang’s attitude was very bad just now,Make her feel hurt。