Peng Changyi said:“under normal circumstances,This is indeed a natural thing,A former customer came to inquire about the address of the clinic upstairs,Tell if she wants,Nothing to tell,But she asked me what my last name was,This is not normal,Especially after asking me,Still didn’t tell me where the clinic moved,You said,Can’t I see the flaw here??obviously,This is what Xiao Chen told the boss here,Keep the surname Peng secret,Especially my surname Peng is still a rare surname。”

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“Oh——”Old Gu nodded subconsciously。
Peng Changyi continued:“In addition,As soon as I walked in, I found a strange thing,Dafan old store moving,Will post a notice on the original shop location,Tell the old customers the address of the new store,But I didn’t find any telling signs there,Plus, I asked for my last name,Front and back association,The result is naturally clearer。”
Old Gu sighed,Said:“That’s it,It seems,in any circumstances,No one else can fool you!”
Peng Changyi said:“There is a situation that can be fooled,I can fool when I am willing to let others fool。”
Old Gu took a deep breath,He admired Peng Changyi more。
Peng Changyi saw that Old Gu stopped talking,Just stared at the front rearview mirror and said:“What happened,It’s this time,Don’t explain yet?How long do you want to hide?”
Old Gu smiled,He coughed twice,He confessed the inside story to Peng Changyi。
original,Last time Peng Changyi told Lao Gu,Say Chen Jing is here,Let him come over to find out about Chen Jing,At that time, Lao Gu really didn’t know that Peng Changyi met Chen Jing here,The night after receiving Peng Changyi’s will,After Old Gu drove to the provincial government guest house,Just carry,Pretending to be walking,Wandered into the alley,Stopped at the door of the foot massage shop,The waiter will come out immediately,Greet him in。
Lao Gu didn’t do pedicures,He asked the waiter about the price,The waiter handed him a price list of service items,He was sitting on the chair next to him,Watching the price list absently。Still chatting with the waiter,Asked:“You have a Chinese medicine clinic upstairs?”
“How is the doctor’s medical skills in the clinic??”Old Gu asked each and every one。
“Of course good!Came back from studying abroad,Can it be bad?”
Gu looked at the waiter,Said:“Can you return from studying abroad??Chinese medicine was originally invented by our ancestors,What can I learn when going abroad?”
The waiter listened to him,Don’t say anything。