Look like,The contrast is a bit big,Qin Liang couldn’t accept it immediately……

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“how about it?Sister Shanshan,Is my little cat cute??Do you like me very much?”
Seeing everyone looking at themselves with surprise,Liu Xiaoyun was proud in an instant,So she used a louder and more charming loli,Continue to talk to Murong Shan acting like a baby……
“Ok,Xiaoyun,I really took you!You are really amazing!Your little cat is really cute!I really like you!”
Murong Shan gave in convincingly!
“too frightening!You want to say you are not a little monster,I don’t believe it anymore. Now!”
Qin Liang said tangledly……
“Brother, what are you talking about?How can i not understand?Why is she like a monster??”
Liu Xiaoyun continues to play Xiao Lolita。
“You look like everywhere……”
Qin Liang said helplessly。
“So annoying……People are so cute,You actually said that they are monsters!Humph,I won’t play with you,I go home to find my mother!Ignore you!”
Liu Xiaoyun is having fun,Uncontrollable rhythm!
“amazing!Unexpectedly you will do this!Great!so amazing!But i’m curious,Where did you get this skill?”
Qin Liang asked honestly。“I learned it with Xiaoxue,Ha ha,I’m nothing,If Xiaoxue give you a performance,I promise you can’t even sit in a chair!That’s so cute!Even when I first saw her perform for me,I have the rhythm that my whole body is crisp