“It’s too damn exaggerated……”

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Qin Liang said the same thing。
“Take as much as you can,Try to get more。“
Two small civilian officers who are responsible for helping tell everyone。
”This time we have to work harder,Each person brings three short guns,Three spears,Take as many bullets as possible。“
Qin Liang especially urged everyone。
”Boss,Choose yourself or?“
Yang Zhi asked, tilting his neck。
”such,Except for automatic rifles,Each person carries another sniper rifle,A portable machine gun,Also bring four bazookas。“
Qin Liang thought about it。
”Boss,Are you trying to exhaust us?Haha,I feel like you are taking us to destroy the rhythm of the world!“
A special fighter named Li Tao joked。
”Ugh……If there is one that can store ammunition indefinitely,The space burden of guns is just fine,Lest you take too much every time you go out,When I used it, I felt that I was carrying less……“
Qin Liang said with emotion。
”It’s ok,We can grab the other party’s use when we run out,Ha ha。”
Another special fighter also joined in the fun and said。
“No show this time,The opponent is a rebel army with more than 3,000 armed forces,And definitely have a lot of heavy weapons,Grab them?I guess you don’t have to come back if you go。Haha……”
Qin Liang said haha。
“My grass!Rebels?More than three thousand people?”