“this behavior,Scam,Should be caught and go to jail!”

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“Correct,Call the police!Catch and go to jail!”
For a while,Anger。
Young people who are still standing on the moral high ground,Speechless,Bowed their heads one after another,Hot red complexion。
I wanted to do me a favor today,Then get a share,But who knows,Actually messed up。
And the news media that were invited,Seeing that this side has the disadvantage,Close the lens decisively,Then they were calling their respective leaders,This news,I’m afraid I can’t broadcast it anymore。
“How can this be?”
“How does he know this?”
Ren Yingying was shocked。
But Tanakashin’s face is gloomy,Gritted teeth in a low voice:“This fool again!”
“Every time it’s his good deeds!I want to kill him,Swear not to be human!”
Originally discouraged,Ren Yurou, who has made up various scenes in his mind,Mixed feelings。
This Ye Tianzong,Always bring surprises to yourself。
although,He occasionally gets sick,But when normal,But has a unique charm。
“Wife,I said,do not worry,Everything has me。”
Ye Tian got up and stood up,By the way‘Young victim’,Like an eagle carrying a chick,stand up。