Qin Liang won’t do it,Especially when it comes to the girls of the Shen family。The key is;He dare not do this……

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“Yes,Brother-in-law’s advantage is what I admire most!Obviously he is invincible in the world,In front of girls but not machismo at all,I know it’s a girl,Praise!”
Shen Ruoxue praises Qin Liang from the heart,I stretched out my hands and made a heart-felt movement。
“Ashamed……”Qin Liang said to himself secretly in his heart!In fact, he still has some male chauvinism in his bones,But his male chauvinism is usually aimed at outsiders,Isn’t it just by my side“relationship”Special girls alone together
when,Especially with my sister“affectionate”when,He often does not ask for his sister’s consent in advance,Just force this or that……
of course,A girl who was forced by him,They are all related to him well enough to give birth to him!
“This is what I usually call Lianxiangxiyu。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled and asked。
“Yep,Yes,Just know that Lianxiangxiyu,You are very accurate。”
Shen Ruoxue nodded and said yes。
“I have a hasty,What do you two want to do? This is?Just praise me casually,You boast like this endlessly,Although I have a thicker skin,But i still blush。”
Qin Liang said with a guilty conscience。
“really?I’ve never seen your brother-in-law blush before!Come,Show me the red one。”